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Do you collect all types of waste? 

Mak Waste is an experienced and reliable waste disposal company that faithfully provides personalised services to residential and commercial customers. Mak Waste is responsible, whether it is household or commercial waste, construction / site  waste, commercial waste, post-event or movie industrial waste, classified waste or flying waste. We can provide cost-effective solutions.


What are your charges and how do you calculate a quote? 

We will charge you based on the amount and weight of the collected waste. Prices start at £60, but an experienced team can help you  by email or phone. The best way to get a quick and accurate quote is to take a picture of what you need to remove and send it to or  WhatsApp at 07957484797. 


This will help you find the most cost-effective solution. Do you have a smartphone? Email with a list of  items or a description of the waste you collect, or call 07957484797. If you need a large amount of waste or multiple  waste treatments, an expert can arrange to evaluate your waste at a date and time that suits you.

What days do you operate and how quickly am I able to book a waste removal collection? 

Mak Waste  is responsible for booking waste collection quickly and affordably.  Our team has free access to waste collection: 

Monday-Sunday 6am-10pm 

Early morning, late collection, or Sunday waste collection is possible by prior arrangement.  We are usually very flexible and  know that your time is important and valuable, so we can offer same day delivery. If you are happy with your waste collection and disposal suggestions, make sure that you include: 

Full address  



If you need to collect garbage on the day, we recommend calling 0203 105 0016 or 07957484797. A friendly team will  arrange a pick-up at your convenience.


Do I need to prepare the rubbish for collection or do you do all the labouring and loading? 

One of the advantages of our waste collection service is that our  team of experts supports human resources and saves time and effort. Our waste disposal team for people and vans will do everything for you. Waste and bulky debris can be removed from the home or backyard as needed (demolition is optional on request). Alternatively, you can put the rubbish outside the property and collect it. You don't have to be there as long as it's accessible and ready for pickup.


How do I pay? 

Mak Waste does not take pre payments for any waste collection to allow you flexibility to change your booking if required or add additional waste to your collection. Our team will be happy to offer new costs upon arrival. 

Full payment is required upon completion of work. You can pay directly to the team, accept card payments by phone from the accounting department.


Do you recycle the waste collected?

Mak Waste fully insured and approved by the Environment Agency as a waste disposal company. The  environment is our number one priority. We guarantee that all parts of the rubbish will be removed. We ensure to dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner, preventing more than 96% of all collected waste from being landfilled. This means that all our rubbish can be recycled or reused by being sent to the right place. 

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